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Don’t like walking over sticky floors? Prefer to eat a hot bowl of fondue or make a tray of homemade chocolate ganache cupcakes instead of a real giant tub of popcorn with fake butter? Then a home theater might be the right option for you! If you’ve looked into this before and thought it was out of your price range, don’t give up until you’ve checked out Flat Panel Pros. With low home theater installation costs in Vancouver WA, you can have all the good parts of the theater experience and skip out on the bad!

[idea]Should I get a projector or TV? This is a frequent question we get and one that comes down to several factors. Projectors have an enormous advantage in size, but lose out when it comes to contrast. While at one point you would need a dedicated room with a dozen or more feet for a large screen size, with short throw projectors, this is no longer the case. Ultimately, desired screen size is usually the biggest influence. Home theater costs for a screen size larger than 70 inches will be significantly cheaper with a projector, whereas the higher resolution and contrast usually makes a TV a good choice for a screen under 70 inches.[/idea]


Need help with home theater design?

We’ve got your room covered! We’ll work with you and your space to create the best possible experience. Some of the factors we take into account include:
Home theater installation costs Vancouver WA

  • Acoustics. Want to have the full surround sound experience and minimize dead zones? We know the perfect place to install your speakers to make your wires invisible while maximizing your sound!
  • TV Mounting. Trying to figure out where the best place is to install your TV? We’ll analyze your room and show you the best location for viewing based on light, sound, and convenience.
  • Aesthetics. You want your home theater room to look great. And that includes the room itself too! Along with your picture and sound, our design team will make sure you like your furniture placement too!

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We’ll make sure your room looks and sounds great and give you the best possible value!