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Love these guys!

Cody and Josh were just super with me. It didn’t take Cody long to figure out I’m not the least bit tech savvy and talked to me in terms I could easily understand. The guys were on time, clean, very friendly to be around. Recommend them highly!

Joanne P. Collins

Great Service

This team is timely, considerate and friendly service professionals! This week Cody installed the LG Gallery soundbar system for the LG OLED Gallery TV they installed for me a few weeks ago. He was thoughtful and creative as it wasn’t an easy solution in my setup. It turned out fantastic!

Stephen B

Great team

We recently purchased two LG Smart TVs. We called Flat Panel Pros to install them. They came right out and got them installed and up and running in no time. However, they could not get the WiFi apps to work, like Netflix or Amazon etc. They felt it was a WiFi problem, not a TV problem. The tek went as far as to talk to the Costco concierge service, LG directly, and a salesperson at Costco, they all came to the same conclusion. Once we converted to Comcast, Flat Panel Pros came back and got us all setup. Don’t know what we would have done without their help. They are thoughtful and very pleasant people to work with, and we are really glad we called them.

Jerry Melton

Great Job Install my new TV/Sound System

Flat Panel Pros came to my house the next day when I called them to install my new 75 inch TV and SoundBar. The team was very professional and the work was beyond expectations. All wires are completely hidden. The cable box and power strip was attached out of sight to the back of the TV. When the work was completed they vacuumed and wiped everything down. Before leaving they took time to show me the features of my new system and ensured I didn’t have any questions. I highly recommend them for any AV work you have. Breckon and his partner are awesome.

Ray Tatum

Solving a problem

Breckon and Zach were sent to my house to solve a problem for a tricky setup and through trial and error were able to get me dialed in. I would recommend Flat Panel Pro’s to my friends anytime! Thank you guys!
Pete also took good care of me!

Chris Hogate

Went Above and Beyond

Breckon and Zach did an awesome job installing my 85” tv. They were fast professional and timely. They really went beyond expectations by programming TV and receiver getting everything to work in short time before departure. Best I’ve experienced hands down. Nice work gentleman 5 out 5!


Great customer service

Shout out to Josh and Brian for a job well done. They crawled around my attic to do an unusual, difficult install as well as putting up a roof top antenna during a rain storm and did a great job in minimal time while keeping a sense of humor. Many thanks and I will be a repeat customer in addition to making sure all my neighbors know who you are.

Mike Monfort

Outstanding Service

The two gentlemen who my family had the pleasure of working with today were Brian and Josh! Both guys were on time, very professional, and well certified for the quality of work that was done! They installed a total of 4 TV’s and they look great on the walls. They made everything look modern and stealth! I would hands down recommend this company as well as Brian and Josh to work on any installation needs that you have and the next time I need work done I will be calling them again! Exceptional work!

Jamaal Lucas

Incredible Service

Attempted to mount my LG 77” GX solo but couldn’t even get to the point where I attached the mount to the wall. Don’t ask. Anyway, I called the retailer where I bought the TV, Video Only, and explained my predicament. They immediately referred me to the Flat Panel Pros. It was a little after 530p and close to their closing time. To my surprise, the gentleman I spoke with offered to have someone come out tonight! I took him up on the offer and within 15 mins, Josh arrived. He was extremely efficient and fixed my problem quickly. I wish I would have called them before even spending any time on it myself. I will definitely be calling back to have them install the Sonos home theater system I have purchased. I work in a customer role and will tell you this company is top notch. Highly recommend!

Kyle Turner

Great Experience

We had Pete and crew come over again after using them two years ago. We had them install a TV and a storm shell cover for it on our patio wall as well installing an outlet. These guys did a fantastic job in every aspect. They were very easy to get along with and very professional. Couldn’t ask for a better service. They even went the extra mile and placed a wire behind a wall for the TV they hung two years ago that wasn’t part of the job they were there for originally. 5 out of 5 starts! Already recommended them to friends. 5 out of 5 stars!

Brian and Lauren Epifano

Great Job !

We wanted to have our TV moved from an interior north wall to an exterior west wall right above our fireplace … without any cords showing along the baseboard areas, etc. We had contractors come to design some built-ins on either side of the fireplace and they all wanted to just run the cords along the floor then up through the bookshelves. We contacted Video Only who recommended Flat Panel Pros … they came out within 2 days of our inquiry, gave a very reasonable bid and assured us that no cords would be exposed. Their work was great … no cords at all, they moved the TV over and installed all the sound systems. After a week, we had a problem with our cable sound working with our new Bose system and talked with a cable guy, probably in India, for 2 hours but still no sound. Called back to the Flat Panel guys, I think Wade came to our home within an hour of my phone call, found the problem and did not charge for his time or service to correct the problem. In this day and age … you can’t ask for better service or professional work. Everyone who sees our remodel change are amazed that NO cords are showing and how nice the room looks … thanks to the friendly professional FP team!

Kathy Collins

Outstanding Service!

The guys at Flat Panel Pros are downright experts at home entertainment. They have great service and I highly recommend them for all of your home theater needs!